Natural water purification solution

Introducing the BioAquaClean

A natural environment-friendly product meant to get rid of blue-green algae, organic sludge, moss, and other harmful substances in the water.

Major Environmental problem

Algal bloom is the overgrowths of algae in water. If not managed properly, it can lead to severe damange to human health, dead fish, toxic odour and unbalance in aquatic ecosystem.

Complete cleaning solution

BioAquaClean is not just removing the algae sludge from the water, it provides the complete cleaning solution for all kind of water.

Crystal clear

Dramatically improves the turbidity of water

High oxygen

Improving of oxygen levels in the water

Algae control

Long-term effective control of algae and organic sludge

Remove odours

Removing the obnoxious and insidious odours

Very easy to apply

BioAquaClean is extremely efficient, meaning that just 1 litre of solution is enough to clean up to 30 tons of water.

Step 1


Applying BioAquaClean is easily done by spraying using the regular pump and hoses, or, in case if the cleaning area is big, using the small boat.

Step 2


After a short time after spraying, the algae, sludge, moss and other substances react to the agent and float to the surface of water.

Step 3


In a few hours, all of the floating substances can be easily removed using the fishing net, or any other similar measure.

Extreme water purification

Comparison of water analysis before and after applying of BioAquaClean. Analysis were conducted by Seoul Institute of Health and Environment.

Completely safe

In addition to being an environment-friendly product, BioAquaClean is absolutely harmless to fish, animals and other microorganisms.

Before and AFter

The visual difference between the water before and water after cleaning using BioAquaClean is just incredible.


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